News of Eastern Africa 1

Car bomb explodes outside the Mogadishu hotel

This article shows the violence that is still happening in Somalia. Inside the Mogadishu hotel senior police officers were in a meeting when outside a car bomb exploded. They believed that four people were injured when the bomb exploded. The bomb was detonated by a remote control. People think that this was carried out by Al-Shabab a group linked to the famous Al-Qaida. This was called a terrorist attack.

I think this was a horrible attack and I am glad that not so much people were hurt by it.  Somalian people suffered every day because of the violence that takes place in Somalia. They are afraid and nobody is helping them. Is very sad Somalians don’t feel comfortable in their own homes. If you live there would you feel safe?

60 dead in Burundi flood disaster

A big flooding has taken place in Burundi.  It is called as the biggest flooding disaster that has take place in Burundi. It has swept a lot of homes, power and roads. The houses are built of mud bricks so the water took them too easily. 60 people were found dead. The main victims were children. People are beginning to bury the bodies, but there is not a lot of place for people to bury in the capital.The government is taking care of the mourning and has said they will provide food and new houses to the affected people. 

This country is not well known around the world, so many countries would no even find out about this big flooding. What is the saddest is that of the people found dead, children were the most found dead. I am happy that the government has offered to bury the people’s relatives and will give them help to go on. I hope they can restore their homes fast and go back to normal.

6 thoughts on “News of Eastern Africa 1”

  1. Really interesting articles, I really enjoyed reading them. I agree that Somalian people suffered every day because of the violence in there. I will not feel safe if I live in Somalia. The second article is so sad, is sad to know that children where the most found dead.

  2. I think this is very bad for the country and is a big problem that there’s still violence in those places and around the world. Is horrible that they out a bomb in there. Fortunatelly not much people was harm and injured. Somalia is a very violent place where many people suffer the violence. Not much people take care of this and they don’t care they are suffering. Is sad nobody offers help and they are not safety living in their own homes.

    1. I didn’t know that somalia was a violent place. Marisa, I like your article very much, its sad that people is not safe in their own homes. I wouldn’t like to live in a place like that, I really hope the violence and the problems go away. Thank God not much people was hurt or damage.

  3. Every day we hear about terrorist attacks in different parts of the globe. It’s very sad to hear such bad things happening in Somalia, since they suffer so much war. Pray to God, for forgiveness to this distressed people.

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