Interesting Articles

Photo from Djibouti wins World Press Photo award

An American journalist called John Stanmeyer took a photo from the Africans migrants in Djibouti. His piece was like bye everyone around the world. The picture entered a contest that is World Press Photo award. And it won! The judges told they have picked up that photo because it represented how migrants want to communicate with their loved ones and that anyone can be in that position.

I love to put this article because I wanted to show the art of the country and not violence. This is something really positive that I am sure got people excited in Djibouti! The photo is amazing, I like that is a photo he took at night, gave it more meaning. And it is really sad that this people are trying to communicate to their loved ones, we all have been in that position. Missing your family might not be easy, but thanks to technology we can.:)

Adapting to Extreme Climate Change in Mali and Madagascar

These two countries have been struggling economically because of the politics problems they had. Now when they are trying to overpass that, the global warming affects it. Because they are fragile countries, they are more venerable to the extreme climate changes. Mali is a dry nation. It has a lot of draughts. This has cause the government to lose about $300 million annually. In Madagascar the climate change has been drastic! The locust invasion has affected their 60% of rice production. The flooding they suffered last year left them without a lot of crops and homes. People hope the government starts thinking of ways to adapt to the new environment.

It is really horrible that the countries were trying to overcome all political problems they had in the past and the nature comes to give them more. These countries need help to be restored. The climate changes sadly are affecting the entire world. Even when you live! Madagascar has lost a lot since the flooding that occurred in 2013. One of their main entries has been destroyed because of rains, draughts, etc. I really hope they can overcome these things quickly and prepare for what is to come, because the climate won’t get any better.


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