Madagascar rainforests: at home with the lemurs

The silky sifaka is not only one of the world’s most beautiful creatures; it is also among the rarest: fewer than 2,000 survive, all around Marojejy national park. Then they declared it Madagascar greatest treasure and closed it. Later they found that people still entered and the deforestation started hitting the place. They are trying to save not only the place but the lemurs that live there. Sadly this is impossible due to the tourists that keep come and explore the nature and the exploit it.

This makes me sad. We are destroying our environment with all the deforestation and contamination we are causing. It not only affects the animals, if you see it clearly it affects all the living things! Putting this place behind people guarding it I think can help stop deforestation. If it continues not only in Madagascar but in the entire we will die! 😦



Statoil successfully tests Tanzania well


 Norway’s Statoil successfully tested its Zafarani reservoir offshore Tanzania in a key step for offshore development and onshore LNG production. Statoil has 65 percent of the license while ExxonMobil holds the remaining 35 percent.


I didn’t knew it was a company of gas and oil. I am glad they have found something good in Tanzania.  Statoil it’s a great company. 🙂



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